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Operating with sophisticated products, services and processes, in a regulated and highly competitive environment is a constant challenge for any organisation. Coupling that with the constant pressure from consumer comparison sites and league tables, a media keen to expose any chinks in your armour and an ever vigilant regulator, it is no wonder that organisations tasked with delivering consistently excellent customer service are placing urgent emphasis on uncovering the hidden gaps in what staff really understand about the day to day processes and procedures of their role.


In this highly regulated environment, one mistake can lead to significant reputational damage and possible financial penalty. The organisations in these environments rely heavily on employees to provide customers with correct information and to handle queries professionally, in a timely manner and efficiently. Despite continual investment in training, a host of knowledge management, and e-learning systems, staff can still make errors in what are often basic queries, resulting in dissatisfied customers, increased operational costs and all round inefficiencies.

It’s our mission to change that by helping companies to uncover the hidden gaps in what staff really understand.

Benefits to:

Knowledge and Development teams:

Review and remodel existing tools and resources and develop refined models that will consistently and accurately meet the specific needs of the staff, the operational demands of the business which are continually in line with the corporate strategic objectives.

Providing your staff access to the relevant knowledge and learning resources specifically to address their development needs, in a manner which staff find easy to locate, use and engage with.

This specific and empirical data and evidence can then be used to more accurately plan and budget for future coaching and development needs. Meaning more effective and efficient roll out of any changes to policy and procedure.


Access an immediate benchmark and specific understanding of what each individual staff member truly understands about each key area or topic and what and where the hidden issues and gaps are that require remedial action.

Address and fix the previously hidden gaps in employee understanding that were leading to continual errors in handling customer queries. Build an understanding of the emergent trends or gaps in knowledge and understanding that may pose a risk to the Customer Service provided.

Allowing you to easily and conveniently track, monitor, manage and report on staff training and development needs on specific, individual and team basis. Which in turn allows you to gain more value from the already significant investment in e-learning, training and knowledge management resources.


Easily access and take the regular and required assessments in bite-sized modules, which conveniently suits their work pattern.

More easily and quickly, find and access relevant and accurate support, knowledge, coaching and development materials tailored to their own progress requirements. Allowing them to also track and monitor their own learning and development progress and take ownership of it.



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