Petro Chem

Many companies in the petro chemical industry are challenged by the need to manage a globally dispersed workforce, maintain a consistent brand image and reputation and simultaneously drive effective and efficient sales and marketing.


We’re helping several companies in this sector address these challenges. One example of this is our work with BP where we have developed a means of assessing the level of knowledge, understanding and confidence of 1,000 sales and marketing employees across the world – from key account managers to senior leaders.

The programme enables BP to accurately measure an individual’s level of expertise in each of the areas of competence required for their specific role and to offer appropriate development, training and interventions as required.

The petro chemical industry is a complex and highly competitive global marketplace. Organisations are operating in an increasingly regulatory environment, where compliance is crucial. Companies also face many operational hazards such as spills and personal injuries, as well as natural disasters, corruption and political instability in the countries in which they operate.

We are experts in the assessment, management and mitigation of People Risk and have experience of working with global companies within this sector to address competence, compliance, health and safety and fitness to practice across all their employees.

By using our Competency Management and People Risk platform, my*KNOW, senior decision makers at BP are now able to ‘see’ the entire global operation and with the rapid diagnostic, identify immediately any areas that may pose a risk or require specific interventions.

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