Within the rail industry, proving compliance, meeting regulatory standards and evidencing the competence of staff is mandatory and comes with plenty of pressure. We’re working with Network Rail, Eurostar and Highspeed to provide them with unique insights in reducing this pressure and helping them to demonstrate and prove compliance and competence of staff members, consistently.


In recent years, the number and frequency of rail accidents have resulted in rail companies required to have a formal competency management system in place for those responsible for safety critical work. Human performance is identified as a contributory factor, with misunderstanding and mis-placed confidence resulting in heavy fines and loss of lives.

It’s our mission to provide the rail industry the means to prove compliance and competence of each individual staff member, help in the reduction of incidents and to also allow staff to take ownership of their own development. 

Network Rail, Eurostar and High Speed have all invested in my*KNOW, our competency management and People Risk solution to assess and develop competence and performance of staff, evidence compliance, spot potential risks before they happen and explore the skills, knowledge and confidence of each individual staff member.

my*KNOW allows for various methods of proving competence, compliance and personal development, such as, observations, training interventions and an assessment, also allowing staff members to allocate self-evidence of a competency which can be recorded, audited and reported on.

my*KNOW is transparent at every stage of the business unit and offers a seamless link between competency requirement to a training intervention, this could be a simulation, training course or e-learning programme to an action plan, allowing reporting of each in turn.

This means:


From various divisions and departments have the visibility to see the need within their own area, can see relevant competency scheduling and status. HR and training personnel can conduct thorough training needs analysis. An assessor/verifier will be prompted where they need to award a competency and validate a decision. Spot potential issues where staffs competencies are running out or needs re-validating, removing risk of incidents. Managers reports in the form of a heat map from team to individual views allows them to identify skills and knowledge gaps and targeted training where required. Dynamic reports provide managers with the means to plan training effectiveness, evidence ROI and KPI’s.


Can see everything regarding their own competencies, required training and scheduling. The training is linked to their specific job roles, capability and competency framework. Identifies individual specific training needs and required e-learning. Leading to recommended learning, succession planning, allows individuals to take ownership of self-development through assigning their own competencies which can be validated by management, meaning individuals are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning pathways and personal development.


Implementation of my*KNOW ensures that only truly competent people carry out safety critical work and safety related work, meaning a reduction in risks and incidents, whilst complying with regulation from the Office of Rail Regulation. Along with visibility of all levels, allowing for compliance monitoring and implementation, meaning more efficient problem solving and risk mitigation.


Cognisco is providing Eurostar and Highspeed complete visibility of the competence of their frontline staff, engineering rolling stock and maintenance staff operating across their network. Including a simple way of reporting on status and scheduling of competencies and tying this into existing assessment and training frameworks, for example tracking different assessment processes such as logging driver observations.

Cognisco is providing Network Rail a formal competency management solution to maintain and assess the competence of operators responsible for safety critical work, such as their front line operators, signallers, controllers, graduates, engineers, station staff and capacity planning employees. And for managers to have up to date competence records and schedules, training needs, progress and performance of every individual, all in one place.

Leading to minimised risked, ensuring only truly competent individuals carry out safety critical and safety related work, whilst complying with the Office of Rail Regulation.

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