Working with John Lewis we developed the ‘Much more than a driver’ programme, an annual online assessment based on scenarios involved in a typical “driver’s day”. In the competitive world of retail, delivering a first class customer experience is at the heart of winning and retaining customers and protecting brand reputation.


Maintaining excellent levels of customer service in store and on the door step, with the delivery of online goods is essential for success. The drivers are often the only contact an online customer has with the company, so it is essential they achieve high standards of customer service, and can work safely, efficiently and confidently.

Using my*KNOW, our People Risk and competency management platform, John Lewis now has business critical information about any skills and knowledge gaps or risk areas, which can be addressed using targeted training programmes. Our assessments have also provided them with a benchmark for what they expect from their drivers.

We’re work with other leading retail companies to deliver similar customised online assessments that improve the competency and confidence of staff across their business. By identifying critical skills gaps and behaviours that can be addressed with targeted inventions, retail companies can be confident their people truly are their company brand ambassadors.

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