How can you give your workforce the confidence and judgement they will need when making fast cycle, high-profile decisions?

How can you give your workforce the confidence and judgement they will need when making fast cycle, high-profile decisions? Where management structures are flatter and citizens demand responsiveness, we think judgement and decision-making are not just skills for senior leaders.

Cognisco gives enterprise and public sector organisations a unique and multi-dimensional insight into their talent pool. When you understand your team’s confidence and motivations, you can:

  • Deliver on customer and consumer promises
  • Resource existing and new services efficiently and optimally
  • Find the skills to build future-facing plans, instead of playing catch-up

There’s no better way to understand the breadth of Cognisco’s assessments than to have a go for yourself. It’s simple, it won’t take long, and you’ll also get our free Quick Guide, “Confidence: a valuable commodity in a complex world”, designed for leaders in public sector organisations who need to find new value in the latent talent of their teams.

What will I see?

You’re about to take a cut-down version of a Management and Leadership assessment using Cognisco’s scenario-based Situational Judgement, Multiple Response assessment process.

You will be asked to review a series of generic scenarios and then evaluate a range of responses both in terms of whether you believe the response to be right or wrong AND then how confident you are in your response. At the end you will be presented with a summary report which shows you how well you’ve done and in the full system, you’d be able to access any recommended learning too. You can log in again and see the same report as many times as you like. Of course knowing the right thing to do and being confident enough to do it are not always the same thing. Equally, being really confident but wrong presents an entirely different set of challenges!

As well as some “ready-made” assessments around leadership, management and “soft skills” Cognisco is renowned for creating bespoke assessments designed to address even the most complex, ambiguous and arcane subject areas.

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