my*KNOW is our innovative Competency Management and People Risk solution that enables organisations to assess, manage and mitigate risks stemming from human error or misunderstanding. It provides one place to manage workforce competence and people risks.

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Identifying, assessing and managing People Risk through my*KNOW

People Risk effects all manner of industries within the private and public sector with business issues that impact both the strategic and operational side of organisations, from board level to frontline staff.

Cognisco for over 17 years have been expert in the identification, assessment and mitigation of People Risk, by providing organisations in high risk and regulated industries tangible insight into what their workforce truly understands and how confident they are in their job role, revealing their likely behaviour.

Simply by focusing your data and aligning it to your people and their capability and confidence as well as the processes you implement, means you have a consistent view across your workforce with real-time accurate data rather than rearward data that simply looks at process.

Cognisco’s team of psychologists and our unique approach to assessment is rolled up into our People Risk Software as a Service platform, my*KNOW. The platform links to other systems where appropriate, can attach specific certificates to an individual to prove training and qualification, along with scheduling events such as observations (which can be done on and offline) and direct individuals to the specific development material they require.

my*KNOW is working today with companies such as Network Rail, John Lewis, Eurostar, Barclays, National Grid, Thames Water, Belong Villages and BT amongst a host of others delivering the insight they need to remain compliant, competent and confident whilst helping them espouse the culture they want to embed across their organisation.


Broadly my*KNOW has three user experiences:

1. The Individual Experience:

Individuals are assessed based on the requirements linked to their job role, capability and where applicable, the companies competency framework. This is done through all manner of assessments and observations but predominantly through our situational judgement programs which reveal what individuals truly understand and how confident they are within their roles, meaning management gain an understanding of their workforce’s likely behaviour, allowing them to plan remedial action should a potential risk be flagged up due to misunderstanding or mis-placed confidence.

After individuals have completed an assessment topic they are immediately presented with a high level report indicating their understanding and confidence levels, their progress and topic feedback along with immediate recommended learning media and interventions where required.

Individuals are encouraged to take ownership of their own development, submit their own ‘evidence’ of competence (for managers to review) and work with their manager to identify how they can take their understanding and competence to the next level, should they want to.


Good Report

2. The Managers Experience

Managers and Administrators dashboards offer a quick view of the activities, status of competencies, tests and actions completed per team or role or region. This dashboard includes evidence reviews (such as observations), tests taken by employees, levels of competencies completed, empowering managers and employees to have greater control, visibility and transparency.

From these dashboards managers are also presented with any potential issues or risks such as expiring competencies, out of date tests, incomplete tests or where misunderstanding and adverse competence and confidence levels apply. These are immediately flagged so managers can prioritise remediating these from having a negative effect on the individual, team, project or company.

With this insight managers can create targeted interventions for individuals and teams focused on their specific requirements via various reports including training needs analysis.

From this level of insight managers are able to plan and prioritise to meet internal KPI’s and also gain ROI from their existing investments in L&D, e-learning and knowledge management; by driving individuals to relevant training materials and by having an entire view of the current level of their workforces understanding, competence and confidence means they are in a better position to mitigate People Risk.

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3. The Executive Experience

The executives and board are concerned with shareholder value, mitigating risk, complying with regulation, reducing exposure to financial and reputational damage. By providing the executives and board an entire view of their organisations workforce in terms of their understanding, competence and confidence it allows them to make properly informed decisions and plan proactively for change, and ultimately the assurance in knowing their organisation are meeting compliance standards, reducing incidents and complaints, exceeding customer satisfaction and removing regulatory implication, which, before using my*KNOW was pulled together through rearward looking and potentially lagging data.




my*KNOW integrates with any system or platform and pushes and pulls only relevant information whilst maintaining the security and privacy of personal data. For example retaining individual’s personal information whilst pushing the specific competency statutes to relevant HR systems.

Individuals don’t need to waste time saving and learning multiple passwords and usernames as my*KNOW has an SAML SSO Adapter allowing users single sign-on with third party software such as Outlook.

The Learning Records store within my*KNOW also links directly to TinCan, meaning individuals and managers can be immediately informed that an individual has completed a course or directed to specific e-learning/development material.

my*KNOW provides the missing link between operations and HR, pushing and pulling the relevant information from various governance, risk & compliance systems, L&D platforms, HRM and Talent Management Suits amongst multiple others, all in one place.

This ultimately means you have relevant, up-to-date and real-time data which is aligned to your people’s understanding, competence and confidence rather than simply process alignment.

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