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Cognisco understands that training alone is not enough to evidence a competent and confident workforce. We work with organisations to articulate what every employee needs to know, do, and understand to do their job well and mitigate risk. We have developed multiple ways to measure competency, capability, and confidence. 
It is often the decisions employees make that have the potential to lead to a critical incident or present a reputational risk to the organisation. Cognisco designs and delivers customised online situational judgement assessments/tests (SJT). These are designed to be contextually relevant to the employee to assess their knowledge, application of knowledge and likely behaviour to identify who in the organisation is confidently knowledgeable. Furthermore, and more crucially, identify who is likely to make the wrong decision.
We create measures for competency management and provide people risk solutions via My*KNOW - our innovative assessment and competency management system. In addition to our SJT, these include training scheduling and expirations, evidencing towards skills passport and certification, observational measures against evidence statements and 360 degree feedback.

We are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands,
government bodies and senior leaders

We help them tackle some of their most difficult people challenges.

  • KPMG
  • Anglian Water
  • Network Rail
  • National Grid
  • John Lewis
  • Gov UK

They use our technology to gain the data, insight and evidence they rely on to understand capability, pinpoint issues and focus investment.

Better still, we identify the hidden talent in their organisations and we do that objectively, with demonstrable proof and without unconscious bias.

We help our clients develop and retain confident, capable people who can be relied on to work effectively even in the most unpredictable environments. 

Cognisco Team

Owen Ashby
CEO Sales, Strategy and Alliances
Amanda Green
CEO Operations and Expertise
Natalie Connery
Financial Controller
John Kattenhorn
Chief Technical Officer
Darren Wycherley
Cathy Cornes
Customer Support and Experience Manager
Vivian Igenewari
Data Analysis and Customer Support
Harry Mullan
Project Coordinator and Customer Support
Angela Ellis
Senior Quality & Compliance Manager
Faizul Hussain
Software Development Services Contractor
Jon Young
UX Developer
Ian McFadyen
Test Engineer
Bradley Speake
Sales Development Representative

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