Online Assessment Invigilation

When identity security around the assessment or certification is paramount, we provide our industry leading biometric invigilation service.

The invigilation service "wraps around" our assessment providing your users with a seamless experience.  It will also provide you with the assurance that you need in high stakes, high value or high risk environments, that the person taking the assessment is who they say they are and that there’s no collusion or cheating during the test, examination or assessment process.

Baseline photo compare

Reference Photo

We check whether the person taking the assessment compares with an image stored in my*Know

Substitution check

Substitution check

We check that the person who started the assignment remains and they have not been substituted

ID Check

ID Check

We can check if the person taking the assessment is the same as in their photo ID such as driving licence

Biometric monitoring

Biometric Monitoring

We can identify the face of the person taking the assessment and check for multiple faces.

Define your own workflow using the workflow builder and configure your level of security based on the assessment and/or your users.

You are able to define an assessment workflow that includes multiple custom prompts that can inform the user as each step is about to happen.  For example, you can wrap the monitoring task (which is the task during which the assessment is taken) with a sequence of tasks that check the user's identification, takes a baseline photo for reference, refreshes or informs the user with video content or media and then an identification task after the assessment is complete to ensure the candidate is the same.

All this coupled with live monitoring and clever AI algorithms that will flag suspicious activity will ensure the correct person is taking the assessment and also deter them from cheating.

Comprobo designer
Comprobo assessment
Comprobo report

Environment Record

Make sure that the candidate is alone or is adhering to exam conditions by allowing them to record their immediate surroundings prior to beginning the assessment.  Webcam technology is used to achieve this and the recording is stored against their attempt in the administration system.

Seamless integration

The proctoring software has been cleverly integrated so the transition between the proctoring workflow and the assessment is non-jarring and flows intuitively.

Full event logging

Metrics such as time started, time started each question, browser focus (to detect if the user is potentially searching for an answer in another browser tab), faces detected and much more are logged.


A full timeline is provided giving full exposure of detected absences, comparison alerts and photos taken during the course of the attempt giving an informed, holistic view of the assessment taken.

Intervention summary

A summary of events that may result in a manual intervention  being required is provided, such as browser focus lost, too many faces, insufficient base-line photo match and more...

Full workflow configuration

Adjust the confidence and frequency in detection,  the aggression of facial analysis and toggle clever features that ensure the candidate is focused on the assessment and not another browser tab or other distraction.

Benefits of Cognisco Invigilation Services

Ensure Assessment Integrity

Make sure the person taking the assessment is who they say they are.  Have absolute assurance that the competence is attributed to the correct person.

Provide a satisfying and predictable candidate experience

Candidates or users enjoy an easy and intuitive experience from the convenience of their chosen location.

Improve ROI by allowing candidates to be assessed anywhere

Eliminate entirely the costs associated with assessment centres or examination facilities without compromising on security. That means you can be more inclusive and reach more people while still delivering a high quality experience without the significant associated overheads.

Why use Cognisco?

Cognisco are experts in providing sophisticated people assessment solutions to organisations that operate in high risk, high stakes or high value sectors.

Our client base comprises Government departments and regulators, Certification and Awarding bodies as well as some of the world’s largest and highest profile private sector organisations.

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