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Food safety topics

Assessment library

We have a wide range of topics covered in our ready to use assessment library. All assessments can be customised plus new topic content can be co-authored by our in house Food Safety Author and the customer's subject matter experts, to deliver laser-focused, insightful assessments.

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Cognisco benchmarks show that in excess of 30% of any workforce has been misinformed, misunderstands or misinterprets information, guidelines or codes of conduct while being 100% confident they are acting correctly.
Competency management

Gain visibility of competence across your employees

The Cognisco platform, MyKnow 365, gives you a comprehensive view of your staff competency across various locations, including individual, team, and business lines. This valuable insight enables you to identify, target, and schedule suitable learning strategies and training interventions, reducing risk.

We assess the behaviours, capability and confidence needed an impact now and in the future. What gets measured gets managed, so let our assessment and dashboards help you ensure that your workforce are fully competent, compliant and pose no risk with food allergen safety.

Working with Enterprise Organisations

25 Years of Evidencing Competence

Cognisco are global leaders in business-critical competency management with 25 years of experience helping organisations who work in highly complex and regulated environments.

Since 1998 Cognisco has worked with some of the world's leading financial services organisations including HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds and Natwest Banking Group.

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We are confident that utilising our assessment and the MyKnow 365 platform will transform the way your organisation manages workforce competency to ensure food allergen safety.

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