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We provide international clients in the private and public sectors with a range of competency-based employee assessments and consultancy services.

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At Cognisco, we are proud of our software engineers and test team who maintain and develop our SaaS platform, my*KNOW. With our diverse experience and agile approach, you can be sure our products are developed to a high standard.



Our roots come from consultancy and authoring services. We have a team of occupational and behavioural experts who can work with your staff to formulate and author assessments that can impact your business and expose problems with your workforce.



Our support team are available to help your organisation get the most out of our products. Dedicated analysts can also help with simple queries or advanced technical questions with engineers also available for setup and configuration.


Mitigating people risk. Maximising people potential.

For over 20 years, Cognisco has provided companies in highly regulated environments unmatched levels of insight about their investment in people. This vital and unique insight into your workforce means you can identify and address knowledge and understanding gaps and mitigate and pre-empt exposure to risk.

You can achieve this using my*KNOW, our SaaS based people risk platform.

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Question Banks

Maintain a repository of questions that can be used in assessments. Media and multiple question types can be added as well as question imports and exports.

Comprehensive reporting

My*KNOW supports multiple report types to give you the best possible insights into how your workforce or organisation is performing based on Situational Judgements.

Optimised for teams and individuals

My*KNOW has matured over the past 15 years and, with the help of our clients, is now fully optimised for teams and individuals to take an array of assessment types such as SJT, knowledge, paired response and multiple choice.

Competency framework

Build out a competency framework directly in my*KNOW using compliance, behavioural and proficiency competency types.

Event scheduling

Manage and create schedules for events designed to collect competency information from users. Use events to submit evidence, observations and other event types to my*KNOW for review by Team Managers.


Use the competency framework to manage certificates that indicate compliance and fitness to practice. Edit required competencies and validity conditions to build a skills passport for users.

Send feedback forms to peers inside and outside of my*KNOW

Feedback can be obtained from both users and managers in my*KNOW or to 'stakeholders' outside of the system.

Access to feedback reporting

Once you have received feedback from all nominated peers, you can view the full report and gain access to valuable insights.

Gain valuable insights on the effectiveness of course content

Send a survey out to users who have recently completed a course to gauge it effectiveness.


Here are some of the organisations we are proud to be working with.

  • John Lewis
  • CBRE
  • The University of Sheffield
  • NHS
  • Eurostar
  • Chartered Management Institute
  • Anglian Water
  • Network Rail
  • Transport for London
  • National Grid
  • Gov UK
  • KPMG

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Cognisco is used internationally by some of the world's leading organisations to help manage and mitigate their people risk.

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