Cognisco were thrilled to win the Most Successful Launch award at the KPMG Learning Supplier Awards 2023.

Cognisco won for their partnership work with KPMG on a continuous improvement tool used to test the new line management standards for Cabinet Office.

Amanda Knight, CEO of Cognisco said: "We are honoured to have received the 'Most Successful Launch' award at the KPMG Learning Supplier Awards 2023 this week. At Cognisco, we are dedicated to delivering successful programmes for our partners and customers and this prestigious award reaffirms our commitment to transformative learning experiences. Thank you, KPMG, for acknowledging our dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of situational judgement assessments."

Alex Ball, Director - Learning KPMG said: "The Cognisco approach gives you rich insights into your employee's knowledge, understanding and confidence. Producing brilliant relevant consistent learning experiences at scale is a complex undertaking, no one company can do it on its own, good partners are critical and deserve to be appreciated!"

Cognisco are delighted to continue on the KPMG approved supplier list, delivering success for customers in partnership with KPMG into 2024.

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