What's the challenge?

In excess of 30% of any workforce misunderstands or misinterprets guidelines or codes of conduct while being 100% confident they are acting correctly.  These are often people in leadership positions.

Cognisco identifies misunderstanding and misplaced confidence so that you can address it, before it becomes an issue.

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Cognisco changes how people think, work and act and delivers the insight, data and evidence you need to be sure you’ve got it all covered.

The incremental impact of these misunderstandings and misinterpretations lead to reputational damage which can destroy a previously solid employer brand and end the careers of leaders.

Why is this a problem?

Behaviours are tolerated over time and accepted as “corporate culture”.  Once they are exposed and the flood gates open, a mirror is held up and the organisation is asked “Who Knew?”.

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Who Knew?

Cognisco provides the critical data and insights businesses need to be confident in making effective, strategic, people-based decisions.

Cognisco offers a simple solution to a complex problem

Talent attraction and retention becomes difficult when an organisation’s reputation is in question or is carrying the legacy of a previous incident.

So what happens when a “less than perfect” corporate culture collides with:

  • A public interest movement like #MeToo;
  • An employer rating system like Glassdoor;
  • A high-profile and sophisticated social media driven platform like organise.org.uk?

The challenge is that the behaviours and attitudes that lead to a high profile and damaging cases are usually subtle and insidious.

Often leaders aren’t aware of the risks they are taking, the damage they are causing and the impact it is having on every element of organisational well-being.

Cognisco changes the way people think, work and act.

Using scenario-based diagnostics, we help employees to understand their impact on others, the implications of choices they make and the gaps in their understanding. They learn how they could present a risk to themselves, other people and the organisation too.

Our diagnostic can be up and running inside a week or tailored for your specific circumstances and culture. It will provide the insight data you need to be sure you can identify and manage any potential concerns before they become high profile and highly damaging.

Stakeholder Benefits

Human Resources

Light touch, low cost and ongoing intervention that will complement your existing activities.

Accurate data and insight you need to make investment and strategic talent decisions.

A smart way to build and reinforce a positive employer brand image.

CXO & Executive

A robust way to significantly reduce the risk of reputational damage through employee behaviour or misconduct.

The data and insight you need to make evidence-based decisions around Human Capital.

The assurance you need to evidence due diligence in areas such as Diversity & Inclusion, Dignity at Work, harassment.


Assurance that the organisation takes psychological safety seriously.

Knowledge and awareness of the issues, principles and the appropriate actions and behaviours.

Gain the knowledge you need to work and act with integrity and confidence.

Diminish risk while increasing confidence with MyKnow

Cognisco works with high profile organisations that operate in global, complex and often highly regulated  environments.

Our unique approach helps build confidence working with principles and within guidelines, where there are no hard and fast rules to follow.

We assess decision-making capability, and practical application to real situations. We enable people to develop judgement and the confidence to act with integrity.

We reveal where latent talent is being hidden, under-exploited and may be a flight-risk. We pinpoint where over-confidence, hubris or misunderstanding may be a reputational risk.

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