"Cognisco gives us actionable information on capability and confidence, so we really understand our risks and strengths."

Senior Risk Director, Leading Utilities Organisation

Demo assessments

Experience the MyKnow 365 platform

We're confident that our assessments can transform the way your organisation uses competency management to identify opportunities for change and improvement. Take one of our demo assessments below to see how they work - it only takes 5 minutes!

Cable Avoidance

This assessment outlines the level of understanding an individual has regarding the safe working practice to avoid striking underground utility services.

Working in confined spaces

A short demo assessment based around working in confined spaces.

Overhead Line Avoidance

This assessment outlines the level of understanding an individual has regarding the safe working practice to avoid striking overhead utility services.

Working at Height

A short assessment to evaluate an individual's ability to work at height.

Delivering Business Value

Drive action, evidence competence and minimise risk and cost

Our SaaS platform MyKnow 365 maximises your understanding of the capability and confidence of your workforce, in order to manage, maintain and evidence competency and compliance plus, crucially, minimise risk and cost.

The construction and utilities industries faces a myriad of competency and risk related challenges and that carry huge implications, with service strikes at the forefront, increasing by 46%* this year. With so many potentially high risk, high cost incidents that can occur on site, the foundations you lay with your people are essential.

*Source: Energy Networks Association (ENA)

Identifying competence and risk scenarios can help prevent high cost incidents saving millions in delays, insurance claims and legal action
Cognisco benchmarks show that in excess of 30% of any workforce has been misinformed, misunderstands or misinterprets information, guidelines or codes of conduct while being 100% confident they are acting correctly.
Identifying where competence gaps exist enabling appropriate, relevant targeted interventions at an individual and organisational level

Cognisco Competency Management

Gain visibility of competence across your workforce

Our platform MyKnow 365 gives you a single view of your workforce competency at an individual, team and business level, across multiple geographical locations and departments. This insight will help you to identify, target, and schedule the appropriate learning strategy, training or interventions required where high risk areas are identified.

Training alone is not enough to evidence a competent and confident workforce. We work with organisations to identify and articulate what every employee needs to know, do, and understand to do their job well and mitigate risk.

Working with Enterprise Organisations

25 Years of Evidencing Competence

Cognisco has over 25 years of experience helping companies to measure, manage, monitor and evidence competency and compliance in a range of areas such as:

  • Cable strikes and avoidance
  • Managing the contractor base
  • Working in enclosed spaces
  • Working at heights

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We are confident that MyKnow 365 can transform the way your organisation manages workforce competency and capability. Talk to us about your current challenges and we can help you to minimise risk and drive iterative improvement.

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