Get the full power of all our tools with the My*KNOW SaaS based people risk platform.
The complete people risk SaaS platform including Competencies and Skills Management, Assessments, Surveys, 360° Feedback and more...


Our full system can empower your business or organisation with the knowledge needed to ensure competency and compliancy against a broad spectrum of subjects.

It's incredibly flexible meaning it can be tailored for your unique and individual circumstances.

  • Full user profile management
  • Skills Passport
  • Cognisco, knowledge and adaptive assessment types
  • 360° feedback

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MobileKnow was born of a customer requirement where events and competencies needed to be managed in areas where there was no network connectivity.

It uses latest technology to allow the app to work in offline mode for smaller datasets.  Users can upload evidence, interact with events and then sync with the main platform when network connectivity returns.

  • Team manager and individual user modes
  • Works offline and online on modern devices
  • Manage events and upload evidence for observations
  • Sync changes back to the main application


Cognisco allow for assessments to be taken unemcumbered from the main application resulting in a lighter, more streamlined experience.

You can embed an assessment within your LMS or website or distribute via email using our 'Email Assessment' feature.

Users can take assessments right out of their inbox!

  • Distribute assessments directly to candidate inboxes
  • Lightweight - take assessments unencumbered from main application
  • Online invigilation is available to ensure the candidate is who they say they are
  • Fully responsive UI. Works from mobile up to desktop resolutions

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Cognisco is used internationally by some of the world's leading organisations to help manage and mitigate their people risk.

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