The Leadership Challenge

Stimulating, challenging and relevant, scenarios are short descriptions of real-world situations encountered by managers and leaders. Scenarios excel at describing dilemmas, decisions and issues with a range of possible options, testing an individual’s instincts and confidence as much as their skills and expertise.

A unique way to personalise learning, provide developmental feedback, assess capability, and measure the impact of development initiatives.

Assess an individual’s leadership competence, understanding, and – crucially – their level of confidence

Assess an individual’s leadership competence, understanding, and - crucially - their level of confidence

Receive detailed feedback for each individual as well as for groups and cohorts.

Receive detailed feedback for each individual as well as for groups and cohorts

Developed by experienced business writers working with the UK’s leading provider of online assessments

Individuals are assessed in a way that is both challenging and engaging, on what they know – and how confident they are in that knowledge. 

At the start of a development programme or change initiative to highlight key issues, priorities and needs

In regulated industries where learning needs to be rigorous, consistent, documented and effective 

At the start and again at the end of a development programme to assess impact 

As a simple, targeted and stimulating way to develop leadership skills and thinking

To highlight an individual’s specific development needs – valuable when preparing for future roles, to challenge high performers, or as part of a coaching program

To complement and support a broader assessment or development initiative

Benefits of custom scenarios include:

Practical, insightful, developmental feedback for each individual

A proven technology platform from Cognisco, giving learning and development professionals a broad and deep overview of the organisation’s strengths and development needs

An online assessment system that provides individuals with a personalised learning journey

Organisations choose from a comprehensive series of 100 scenarios covering 10 essential business and leadership topics.


Scenarios are available with optional levels of customization. As an enhancement to the standard scenarios organisations can choose Company and industry customisation or Full customisation reflecting the customer’s company culture, business and needs.

Individuals can also choose to receive expert 1:1 feedback and coaching on the implications and priorities of their personal online assessment.

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  • Mastering the Essentials of Business Management
  • Navigating and Shaping the Future
  • Mastering Strategic Thinking
  • Succeeding With Sales, Customers and Revenue-Generation
  • Leading Transformation and Change
  • Developing Operational Effectiveness and Delivering Results
  • Developing Personal Effectiveness
  • Developing Talent and Teams
  • Succeeding in Times of Crisis, Challenge and Change
  • Coaching and Developing World-Class Performance
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