Can you be sure?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple, rapid and robust way to prove you have a consistently compliant workforce?

My*KNOW exists for this purpose. If you have a problem that cannot be solved with ordinary back office systems, then My*KNOW could be the platform for you.

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In an increasingly regulated world, a record of having attended training, completed an e-learning course or managed to score 7 out of 10 on a post-learning multiple choice test is simply not enough to evidence a competent and confident workforce.

How can My*KNOW help?


My*KNOW has the capability and flexibility to show when compliance renewals are due by individual, team, role, department or geography.


Roll-back to any point in time to prove that you have been diligent in ensuring people both understood AND were confident to act in accordance with regulations, policy and process.


Record, monitor and evidence understanding and adherence to compliance to identify where potential breaches may occur in order to address them.

My*KNOW key features



My*KNOW can deploy assessments to your team in different ways, depending on how you want them to be taken.

Assessments are a brilliant way to identify knowledge gaps, expose a lack of understanding or highlight an absence of confidence in members of staff who could otherwise have great potential.

  • Question banks for rapid assessment authoring and question re-use
  • Import/export functionality
  • Cognisco, knowledge and adaptive assessment types
  • Drafts, validation and versioning

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Surveys in MyKnow allow you to make smarter, more informed decisions by obtaining a canvassed opinion from your teams.

Full reporting within MyKnow is available per team or individual.  Use the power and flexibility of surveys to your advantage using multiple question and delivery types.

  • Matrix, freetext, multi-choice and multi-select question types
  • Multiple distribution formats
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multilingual ready

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360° feedback

360° feedback

Get feedback from employees, colleagues and peers as well as self evaluations in order to assist with staff and personal development.

Feedback can often help highlight areas of improvement and should be seen as a constructive tool, and not a weapon, to help with career development.

  • Question banks for rapid authoring and question re-use
  • Send invitations to stakeholders outside of the MyKnow system for greater scope
  • Help boost your development by utilising feedback contructively
  • Custom rating schemes

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Competency management

Competency management

Build a comprehensive framework within MyKnow to help manage competencies in industries where making the right choice and having the right skills are paramount.

Keep a record of observations, create event schedules, manage skills certificates and organise competencies all within MyKnow.  Use in conjunction with assessments for a truly comprehensive system.

  • Offline mobile companion app for teams and individuals
  • Manage teams and their competencies
  • Provide evidence and observations
  • Fully configurable for corporate terminology

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MyKnow is used and trusted by...

See why some of the World's most safety critical and largest organisations use MyKnow.

  • John Lewis
  • Eurostar
  • Network Rail
  • Transport for London
  • National Grid
  • Gov UK

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