Measure and manage the competence and confidence of your workforce with MyKnow 365

MyKnow 365 allows you to assess the capability of your people, manage their competencies, skills and certification and report on their performance and progress, giving you peace of mind for all auditing and regulatory requirements.

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How does MyKnow 365 work?

MyKnow 365 gives you a single view of your workforce's skills and competency at an individual, team and business level, across multiple locations. You can employ our ready to use scenario based assessments, which can also be refined to your specific requirements.

You can carry out physical observations, surveys, checklists, 360s and a number of other competency checks to build a robust competency framework. This allows you to stay on top of updating policy changes and training requirements, plus schedule targeted certification.

Crucially, this framework isn’t just measuring whether people can recall what they have learnt in training, Cognisco’s situational judgement assessments test how confidently, accurately and consistently they will apply this knowledge day to day.

MyKnow 365 data integrates with all other leading HR software systems, helping you to build a comprehensive understanding of your workforce.

Single view of your workforce competency

Let our assessments, competency framework and dashboards help you ensure that your workforce are fully competent, compliant and most importantly pose no risk to themselves or others.

Identify knowledge gaps before they become a problem


MyKnow 365 Assessments are a highly effective tool to identify knowledge gaps, expose a lack of understanding or highlight an absence of confidence in members of staff who could otherwise be a future leader.

Each assessment features a realistic but fictional situation around a key theme offering alternative outcomes, asking the person to choose the best option and rate their level of confidence. This gives clear actionable insights in a psychologically safe way to enable effective training, restructuring or other interventions.

  • Question banks for rapid assessment authoring and question re-use
  • Expert Authoring with AI
  • Flexible, situational judgement test and adaptive assessment types
  • Import/export functionality
  • Drafts, validation and versioning
  • Reports can be downloaded as PDFs or the data can be extracted to use as required
MyKnow 365 assessments

Create assessment schedules

Create assessment schedules with MyKnow 365

Generate engaging, helpful reports

Generate engaging helpful reports with MyKnow 365

Identify problems sooner

Identify problems sooner img

With countless assessments deployed over the years to help resolve problems from training gaps to large high risk and potentially life threatening issues, your organisation can quickly create engaging and effective diagnostics using MyKnow 365.

Get a multi-level view of your workforce competency
MyKnow 365 competencies

Competency management

MyKnow 365 Competencies allow you to get a single view of your workforce at an individual, team, or business unit level, across multiple locations, so you can manage and optimise the day to day progression of activities.

Keep a record of observations and activities, create event schedules, upload evidence and files, manage skills certificates and organise competencies, helping you to build a comprehensive framework while providing an unequivocal audit trail to meet your industry compliance requirements.

  • Manage teams and their competencies
  • Provide evidence and observations via 'activities'
  • Tracker views for managers and assessors
  • Bulk assessing via handy 'assessor forms'
  • Full configurable competency and objective states terminology

Build a competency library

Build comp library

Create competency schedules

Create schedules

Track progress with ease

Track progress

Unleash your full potential: drive sales, improve efficiency, and build a future-proof workforce with competency management in MyKnow 365.

Get the right skills and requirements for the task, every time

Skills Passport

Can you evidence the skills, qualifications and training records of your teams to meet compliance requirements? The MyKnow 365 Skills Passport gives you a single source of truth, allowing you to view individual competency and qualifications across your workforce to get the right skills and requirements for the task, every time.

Easily identify strengths and areas for development in one real time, centralised location, empowering you to create and maintain targeted training programmes and certification.

The Skills Passport empowers you to make decisions with absolute confidence, selecting the right people for the right job knowing they are qualified and ready to go, minimising risk from both a cost and compliance perspective to achieve operational excellence.

  • Verify skills quickly with a centralised record
  • Select the right people for the job with a skills passport 'chooser'
  • Identify vulnerabilities with Skills Passport reporting
  • Bring everything together in one holistic view
MyKnow 365 Skills Passport

Easily create Skills Passports

Create sp img

Select the right people for the job

Select right people img

Check competency status

Check comp status img

Bring it all together in one holistic view. The Skills Passport allows you to define the required competencies and certificates and any conditions based on date 'facts' that could render a person's eligibility for the job invalid.

Make decisions with confidence
Reporting with MyKnow 365


Elevate your competency management strategy with MyKnow 365’s powerful reporting capabilities. Gain actionable insights, drive performance, ensure compliance so you can make informed decisions to drive your organisation forwards.

Cognisco's reporting ensures compliance with industry regulations by providing clear visibility into competency levels, mitigating risk, and safeguarding your organisation against potential liabilities.

Our easy to use reporting dashboards provide the flexibility to visualise data in a way that suits your organisation's requirements, allowing you to track progress, measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

  • Generate attractive, built-in reports to fully understand your data
  • Utilise OData and build the reports you need in Power BI
  • Build your own powerful dashboards for a personalised view
  • Drill through your overview page for a detailed analysis

Generate built in reports

Built in reports

Get an overview of your status


Track everything with ease

Track everything

Gain actionable insights, drive performance and ensure compliance so you can make informed decisions to drive your organisation forwards.

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