Who are CNET?

  • CNet has been designing and delivering education programs for the network infrastructure sector since 1996. Today CNet is the global leader in education for both the network infrastructure and data centre sectors, which we refer to as the digital infrastructure industry.
  • We deliver classroom-based programs across the globe, online programs and live virtual classroom programs.
  • The content of our programs spans the entire digital infrastructure industry, starting at copper and fibre installation, to data centre design and management, energy efficiency and audit through the world’s only Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management.
  • CNet is serious about education and is constantly developing new programs to reflect the continual progression within the industry.

How are you using my*KNOW /Cognisco in supporting your offer/work at CNet?

  • CNet works with Cognisco to offer CCAM to clients. CCAM is the world’s first Competency and Confidence Assessment Modelling Tool for the data centre sector, available only from CNet Training. This valuable tool is used by our clients to revolutionise the way their data centre managers identify, manage and mitigate people risk.
  • CCAM® uses real-time analysis of both competence and confidence for individuals and teams and exposes root causes of employee behaviour (positive and negative) in data centre facilities. The proven complex software works through various criteria to identify people risk within a data centre facility. It focuses on where individuals’ real skills, knowledge and ability gaps are and, through subsequent targeted intervention, behaviour can be positively changed and subsequently risks reduced.
  • The results of each assessment allow the right course of development action to be planned and taken to address individuals’ weaknesses and therefore helps to mitigate data centre risk.

Why did you chose to work with Cognisco/What do you like about the Cognisco offering?

  • We chose to work with Cognisco because their software is just what the data centre sector needs. It is a known fact that over 70% of data centre outages are caused by human error: CCAM can identify where the people risk is within the data centre and help mitigate the risk or an outage.

What impact/benefit have you seen it deliver for your customers?

  • Firstly, CCAM has confirmed the alarming fact that 29% of data centre technicians post a high risk to the organisation
  • Clients have understood the need to assess their mission critical teams and the results have led to a more effective use of their develop budgets as they know and understand where the knowledge gaps are so can target these with education programs, mentoring and in-house development.

Why do you consider this approach to be innovative/unique/revolutionary for a training provider?

  • CCAM is a tool that hasn’t been seen before. It is different to other assessment tools in the way it gathers information and cleverly turns this into accurate individual and team reports.
  • It’s supported by a team of psychologists and operates within International Test Commission guidelines. It works through various criteria to identify where individuals’ real skills, knowledge and ability gaps are and, through subsequent targeted intervention, behaviour can be positively changed.
  • These changes in behaviour can mitigate data centre people risk, and minimise data centre outages.
  • In addition, the CCAM tools helps to ensure development or operational budgets can be planned accurately, and are spent in the right areas.

What do you see as the key trends and drivers in the learning/training sector this year?

  • Organisations strive to ensure their budgets are spent in the right areas and CCAM can help to achieve this with proof.  As the CCAM can be taken multiple times, it offers the perfect tool to ensure the intervention/development actions taken to address shortfalls in knowledge and skills have been effective, meaning that ROI can be achieved and most importantly recognised.
  • In addition, organisations want to ensure their teams are the most effective as possible; again, CCAM can help to confirm this.

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