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Evaluate, identify development pathways and evidence your apprentices' progress against the required standards in real-time on any device.

Suitable for private and public sector organisations in the UK (1 - 2000 apprentices), to ensure readiness for EPA and increasing the likelihood of EPA funds being released.

Improve the quality of your apprenticeship programme

Our assessment tool measures and tracks your apprentice's progress in a consistent, objective way. Using a series of self-assessments that are contextually relevant, your apprentice is benchmarked not only against the external national standards but also against your internal objectives in an unbiased uniform way.

This unique methodology offers:

  • Instant visibility of progress via reports and smart analytics that integrate into your existing HR, LMS and e-portfolio systems, to help benchmark at a strategic level to improve quality.
  • An easy way to reflect on an individual's learning against the standards to ensure a consistent qualitative approach that drives engagement and retention.
  • Objective evidence that is collated at selected points of the apprentice's journey so you have the required audit trail to demonstrate evolution and growth of the apprentice whilst proving the impact of the 20% off the job learning.

This product will pay for itself! It is more than a flexible tool which will help you have a consciously competent workforce, that can be integrated with your LMS platforms and set up quickly for immediate impact.

If you're looking to:

Increase retention
Your apprentice will feel supported throughout the programme and be more likely to complete the entire apprenticeship guaranteeing your collection of the complete levy amount.

Encourage engagement
Individual gap analysis will create bespoke development pathways for your apprentices. The apprentice will feel supported and recognise that the programme is helping them grow

Deliver ROI
Upon completion, the apprentice will be more efficient and effective in their role thus being more productive.

So, to enjoy a cohesive, consistent approach to evaluations take a demo or call 01234 757520.

Objective, Consistent Assessments…

Our proven methodology enables you to remove inconsistencies in evaluation and benchmark at both an individual and organisation level. You can then easily identify and address gaps in knowledge, skills, behaviours and confidence.

Combining situational judgement, 360 degree analysis and cultural wellbeing surveys, this progressive tool:

  1. Evaluates via contextually relevant self-assessments
  2. Identifies development pathways and then re-assess progress
  3. Evidences the required knowledge, skills and behaviours

It enables assessors, trainers, coaches and managers to work together to support and develop apprentices so that they have the required knowledge, skills and behaviours, all evidenced by an EFSA compliant audit trail to pass their End Point Assessment.

Why Cognisco?

As one of the UK's leading people assessments experts we are at the forefront of workplace learning and the behavioural sciences. We combine contextually relevant people understanding with the latest technology to deliver assessment services that are trusted by UK's leading people management organisations. Put simply, it's proven and it works!