Competency Management Platform

MyKnow 365 is an evolution from our historic MyKnow platform that has helped clients all over the world for decades to manage, pre-empt and mitigate risk via competency management and assessments.


Benefit from the rigor of the Cognisco assessment type or mix and match question types with our Flexible assessment type.

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Build a competency framework to view and manage your workforce and identify and pre-empt risk before it becomes a problem.

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Skills Passport

Risk is everywhere. Identify the right person with the right skills for the job, every time.

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Unlock the insights you need to manage risk and drive change with intuitive and easy to understand reporting.

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Cognisco benchmarks show that in excess of 30% of any workforce has been misinformed, misunderstands or misinterprets information, guidelines or codes of conduct while being 100% confident they are acting correctly.


Uncover capability and confidence in your team using assessments

MyKnow 365 Assessments effectively identify knowledge gaps and confidence issues in your workforce. Our assessments present a fictional scenario on a key theme, offering various outcomes for the participant to choose from and rate their confidence.

This approach provides clear, actionable insights in a psychologically safe manner, facilitating targeted training, restructuring or other interventions.

Uncover capability using MyKnow 365 assessments
Get a multi-level view of your workforce competency using MyKnow 365 assessments

Get a multi-level view of your workforce competency

MyKnow 365 Competencies provides a unified view of your workforce at all levels and locations, enabling effective management, development and optimisation of daily activities.

Build a comprehensive, auditable framework in one place, allowing you to manage skills certificates and organise competencies, create event schedules, upload evidence and files, record activities and observations.

Skills Passport

Access everything in one place

MyKnow 365 Skills Passport gives you a single source of truth, allowing you to view individual competency and qualifications across your workforce to consistently match the right skills and requirements to every task.

Effortlessly pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement with real-time, centralised data. This empowers you to develop and sustain targeted training programmes and certification.

Access everything in one place using MyKnow 365 assessments
Make decisions with confidence using MyKnow 365 reporting

Make decisions with confidence

Enhance your competency management with MyKnow 365's robust Reporting. Gain insights, boost performance, and ensure compliance to develop your team’s capabilities and mitigate risk.

Make confident, data-driven decisions with Cognisco’s user-friendly reporting dashboards. Offering flexible data visualisation, they enable you to track progress, uncover where risk lies and measure key performance indicators (KPIs).

The MyKnow 365 Competency Management platform


Assess Competency

Implement MyKnow 365’s powerful assessments to identify and quantify the skills, competence and confidence levels of your individuals and teams.


Identify Risk

MyKnow 365 profiles the responses from your workforce and identifies specific weaknesses, so you can understand and prioritise action.


Drive Change

Take action: evidence need for critical training at scale, enable 1:1 manager interventions to prevent potential high risk scenarios, legal issues and costly fines.

Why Cognisco?


20+ Years Experience

In delivering competency programmes for leading organisations


Enterprise Customers

Strong relationship with brands like KPMG, NHS, BT, John Lewis to deliver CM


Outcome Focus

Committed to delivering actionable insights to organisations to drive ROI


Secure Platform

Security and trust are key, ISO 27001, 9001, G-Cloud are out of the box

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands

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